Support Staff

Stephanie-Lara-thumbStephanie Huhner

Administrative Assistant

Stephanie is a native Houstonian. She started with Maddox Thomson & Associates as a receptionist. Before joining Maddox Thomson, Stephanie spent more than five years as a medical data entry specialist.

Stephanie comes from a large family, all located in the Houston area. She values outdoor time with her son, as well as dancing and relaxing with her friends. She attends St. Patrick Catholic Church.

Debbie Meisgeier

Debbie-Meisgeier-thumbOffice Manager

Debbie received her bachelor of business adminsitration from the University of Houston. She began her career working for Leonard Weiner, attorney-at-law. Three years later, she joined Lawrence Kozielski, CPA, where she worked for another eight years. After that she spent a year at Hein and Associates before moving onto contract work with an architectural firm. She joined Maddox, Thomson & Associates in 1990.

Debbie is married and has three children. She attends Pilgrim Lutheran Church.