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Ugly December Market Performance May Give Way to Upside

If history is any guide, it’s possible that longer-term performance may improve.  We certainly hope so.  While the markets have bounced back with a big upward move over the last 2 days, results through the Christmas Eve were as bad … Read More

Investing in Publicly Traded Partnerships

The Unique Tax Benefits and Consequences

Investors and taxpayers have a variety of investment options from which to choose. An important factor to consider is that the tax treatment of these can differ greatly. One popular option is investing in … Read More

12 Tax Tips and a Happy New Year

While end-of-year finances and tax tips aren’t nearly as entertaining to review as Houston Chronicle’s recent EOY article Houston’s 50 Most Fascinating People of 2014, they’re still worth a peek to make sure your numbers ring in a Happy … Read More

Update: Shareholders easily approve Kinder Morgan consolidation megadeal

Kinder Morgan merger received 95 percent approval. For those holding KMP, EPB units and KMR shares, there will be tax consequences regardless of whether the units and/or shares are sold.

Latest news for Kinder Morgan unit and shareholders

As you likely have heard, Kinder Morgan Inc. (NYSE: KMI) in August entered into merger agreements with Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP (NYSE: KMP), Kinder Morgan Management LLC (NYSE: KMR) and El Paso Pipeline Partners LP, (NYSE: EPB) essentially consolidating … Read More

Making sense out of savings with nickels, dimes and beer.

Retirement Savings

Millennials and Gen X alike might like to pull up a chair to some date night savings talk.

By averaging inflation rates and doing a little 1960’s research, we can find out what might be coming out of our post-retirement … Read More

Contributing to an IRA: Roth’s boot in the door


Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) are used by taxpayers as valuable investment tools for retirement planning. When considering options for retirement investments, just like most financial options, many factors come into play.

A taxpayer’s traditional IRA assets appreciate on a tax-deferred … Read More

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