Why should you take your next career step with Maddox, Thomson & Associates? It’s simple: We hire the best and we give them a great place to work.

Located in the Galleria area of Houston, Texas, we are a traditional, entrepreneurial CPA firm. We’ve been around since 1985, and we’re here to stay. Our growing client list includes successful individuals and their small businesses, estates, trusts, and other entities.

As a valued member of our team, your assignments will be varied and interesting. You might work on:

  • Preparing an estimate of income taxes owed by a client and determining when to pay property taxes, as well as recommending the amount of their quarterly estimated tax payment.
  • Preparing an S-corporation tax return, as well as the returns for several trusts, and the personal income tax return for the client.
  • Compiling quarterly financial statements for a family limited investment partnership.
  • Responding to an IRS notice on behalf of a client.
  • Performing research to find the answer to a unique client situation.
  • Preparing the occasional quarterly payroll tax report.

You will expand your horizons at Maddox Thomson. As your personal knowledge and experience grows, so will your responsibility. There is unlimited potential for you at our firm.  Click here for the positions currently open.


In the public accounting field, overtime is a fact of life. Some CPA firms expect a 72-hour or 80-hour workweek from their staff, especially during busy season. We feel working that many hours makes one unproductive and inefficient.

Even during the busiest months, we try to ensure that no one works more than 55 hours a week. This keeps everyone fresh, and helps ensure the quality of our work. Plus, Maddox Thomson has a unique overtime program that makes life a little better for all of us.

Employees bank the first 50 hours of overtime.  All hours beyond that are paid on a straight-time basis.


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