Consulting and Advice

Helping you plan your financial life and keep it all on track is what Maddox Thomson does best.

Individual and Organizational Budget Planning

Check with us for input on how planned expenditures — and the manner in which they are financed — may impact your tax burden.

General Financial Consulting

In partnership with our sister firm, Horizon Advisors, a registered investment advisor, we can help you make the most of your assets while minimizing taxes.

Educational Savings Planning

Let us help you set up a savings plan to prepare your children for a bright future with a good education.

Small Business Advice

From choosing the right type of incorporation entity to how to organize, we can help you get your small business off to a professional start.

Residential Basis Calculations

You can count on us to help you determine the basis for capital gains or losses on residential properties.

Depreciation and Amortization Schedules

We will calculate depreciation and amortization for any capital asset, and we’ll keep the records for you.